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Public matters - April 2021

This month includes updates on safe use of council offices, recent changes to Part 36 Offers and leading through change.

29 April 2021

Welcome to our Public Matters Newsletter.

This month we have:

Safe use of council offices

The Government's Covid-19: Guidance for the Safe Use of Council Buildings was updated at the end of March.

Athina summarises the various guidance and legislation local authorities should review.

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Litigators beware! Recent changes to Part 36 Offers

Mia explains the new new Civil Procedure Rule 36.5(5), which has been implemented to clarify the issue of interest after the expiry of Part 36 offers.

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Leading through change, a personal perspective

For many local authorities, the Government’s White Paper on local government reorganisation brings a lot of uncertainty.

Iain Blatherwick, our previous Managing Partner, shares his experience of leading through change, uncertainty and focusing on your organisation's needs.

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