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Introducing the Estates Competency Framework

10 October 2023
Param Pabla

The Department of Education (DfE) has recently published the ‘Estates Competency Framework’ – a highly timely tool aimed to assist anyone involved with the management of education estates.

Effective estate management of education sites are a key factor in promoting an environment that encourages high quality learning. The Framework provides guidance to education institutions in meeting their requirements and obligations to maintain safe amenities and facilities in line with good estate management for schools (GEMS) principles – all the more important in light of the recent RAAC issues that many schools have faced.

Skills, knowledge and expertise

The Framework sets out the skills, knowledge and expertise required to successfully manage education estates well. It covers a wide range of technical competencies required within the education sector.

This includes strategic planning, asset management, compliance, and sustainability. It has been developed in close collaboration with the education sector, as well as professional bodies and construction experts.

Thorough and detailed approach

This thorough and detailed approach taken by the DfE aims to ensures that individuals working in estate management within school trusts and other educational institutions have the necessary skills and competencies to fulfil their responsibility effectively – crucial factors in maximising the overall success of their educational establishment.

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