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Owen's Law: Pushing for allergen labelling in UK restaurants

05 April 2024
Sam Sharp

Owen’s Law is a campaign to change the laws around allergy labelling in UK restaurants, pushing for new legislation to mandate that restaurants display information about allergens directly on their menus.

In December 2023, the Food Safety Agency agreed to write to government ministers with their support for the campaigns aims which have yet to be formalised as a proposed act of parliament at this stage. The FSA have also published several updates and options relating to the campaigns aims which were debated by parliament in May 2023. Formal legislation to implement Owen’s Law is however still awaited.

The key anticipated changes in law would impose a mandatory requirement for non-pre-packed food retailers (i.e., restaurants, cafes and take-aways) to state the 14 prescribed food allergens in their dishes in writing, at the point of sale.

Restaurant proprietors should therefore be aware that their processes for allergen management may well be subject to stricter requirements in the upcoming year and should be vigilant to further updates from both parliament and the Food Safety Agency.

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Key contact

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