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Unravelling the challenges and opportunities in UK sports governance

Overcoming barriers

18 April 2024
“We ran a programme supporting clubs being more inclusive of black athletes, such as not insisting they style afro hair in a certain way. Clubs just hadn’t considered the impact on members.”

Education and support programmes

Provide accessible workshops and online resources to educate volunteers on governance principles and highlight the benefits to be gained by getting more involved.

Shared responsibilities

Distribute governance tasks amongst volunteers preventing burn out and ensuring a diverse range of skills contribution.

“There seems to be a willingness to make sure that the governance is right, to make sure that the regulation is know that whether it’s about the financial health of the club or the environment in which they operate, it is well governed and well-regulated.”

Financial assistance

Explore funding opportunities, grants or partnerships to ease financial burdens associated with governance implementation.


Encourage collaboration between clubs sharing knowledge and resources to collectively strengthen governance practices.

“It is clear that addressing these barriers requires a collaborative effort from sports organisations, the communities they serve and relevant stakeholders, but with the willingness and encouragement from sponsors, insurers and governing bodies better outcomes are clearly within our collective grasp.”



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