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be connected newsletter for education April 2019

In this edition we will connect you with a comprehensive selection of the very latest in legal updates, news and insight from the education sector.

25 April 2019

In this edition we provide you with the latest in legal updates, news and insight from the sector.

be connected is your space – it is important that the mix of content offers you real value and relevant, useful information. Please help us to help you by providing feedback and comments. What would you like to see featured in the newsletter – and would you like to be part of a future edition – click here to let us know!

Beyond system design - addressing the operational leadership challenges

We have recently published the latest report from our successful series of education sector roundtable events. We focused on the leadership challenges facing the sector and how the sector should respond to them.

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Legal updates

Knife crime and school exclusions

Recent deaths following a wave of knife attacks has resulted in a renewed national focus on what more can be done to prevent the appalling escalation in knife-crime.

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MAT summary evaluations

The scrutiny of multi-academy trust performance by Ofsted has undergone some 'operational changes'.

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What duties do members of academy trusts have?

We are seeing increased interest and focus on the role and duties of members of academy trusts (Members). In this article, we review what duties they undertake and consider how these might be different from what they set out to be.

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SEN admissions

A recent judicial review case taken by an academy trust against a local authority has provided some useful guidance for schools when dealing with requests to admit children with EHCPs.

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Ofsted v Durand - outcome of the appeal

In 2017, we wrote about Durand Academy Trust’s (“Durand”) case against Ofsted and the High Court’s decision that Ofsted’s complaints procedure was unfair for those schools judged to require special measures or have serious weaknesses.

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Schools and Raising Money for Charities

Times have changed and school fundraising is more high tech; Just Giving and GoFundMe accounts are common place. If you are raising money through either traditional or modern means, we consider the methods that you can continue to do so legally, and in compliance with charity law.

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