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Governing board and IRP training

DPO events 

This bespoke training session focuses on all you need to know about the exclusions framework for schools and trusts. Our specialist education lawyers will take you through the step by step process of both the disciplinary committee and the independent review panel (IRP), to ensure that your trust/school and its key personnel are compliant with the law and guidance surrounding exclusions. 

Who should attend

We deliver training to principals/head teachers, senior leaders and governing boards of any school or trust (maintained or academy). We also provide training to prospective IRP members (who must be trained within the last two years before sitting on a panel) and can deliver sessions on behalf of local authorities.


Please contact us for details of our fixed fee packages.

Training contents

The two-hour training course will cover:

  • horizon scanning and exclusions landscape following the Timpson Review
  • exclusions – grounds, types and alternatives
  • unofficial exclusions, off-rolling and Ofsted
  • key documentation
  • equality and SEN considerations
  • exclusions process with case studies:
    • principal’s/headteacher’s decision to exclude
    • governing board review
    • IRP decision
    • reconsideration.
  • disability and exclusions.

There will be ample time for questions and answers.


The training is comprehensive and interactive and by the end we expect the attendees to feel confident when it comes to reviewing exclusion decisions and attending an IRP. Following the training, attendees will be equipped to sit on an IRP (for another school) should they so wish. All attendees will be given a hand-out and a range of other useful documents to take away to assist them at an actual exclusions hearing.

How to book

If you would like to organise training for your school or trust, please contact us and confirm your preferred date, time and location for the training and an indication of how many people will be in attendance.

Our other services

Our team of specialist education lawyers are experienced in providing practical advice on behaviour incidents, including exclusions, and protecting the trust and/or the school from complaints or claims. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and our range of service level options.