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Browne Jacobson lawyer and social mobility ambassador celebrates after winning Neurodiversity Community Choice Award

30 March 2022

Lynette Wieland, a neurodivergent health and social care advisory and inquests lawyer at Browne Jacobson, and a social mobility ambassador for The Law Society has won the Community Choice Award at this year’s Genius Within - Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards.

The awards recognise and celebrate the successes of individuals across the Neurominority community that are actively going above and beyond to promote accessibility and inclusion. Lynette was named in the Community Choice category because of her passion and commitment to driving equality in the legal profession for people of all backgrounds and her dedication to serving her neurokin and community. This award was the only category that was open to a public vote online.

Lynette has various mentoring responsibilities externally through her involvement with the Law Society’s Lawyers with Disabilities Division, as a Social Mobility Ambassador, and via the University of York’s widening participation group. She regularly gives aspiring students advice on disability disclosure and how to access a career in law.

In 2021, she was named ‘Champion of the Year’ award at the Next 100 Years Inspirational Women in Law Awards which highlights trailblazers who are making positive change around equality in the legal profession.

Lynette is also a champion for Neurodiversity In Law, an organisational network whose purpose is to promote and support neurodiversity with the legal professions. Lynette who has dyslexia, dyscalculia and Meares-Irlen Syndrome (a visual stress condition which can lead to difficulties around reading and spatial awareness), regularly gives talks on neurodiversity.

Internally, Lynette co-leads the Disability & Long term conditions network and sits on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee which has steered Browne Jacobson’s diversity and inclusion agenda over the last 18 months.

Lynette Wieland commented on her win: “I am honoured to have won the Community Choice Award at this exciting and important celebration. The calibre of the other finalists was exceptionally high, and I am in awe of the inspirational work they are all doing across and for the neurodivergent community, so to be named alongside them is a really proud moment for me.

“Championing diversity and equality for people of all backgrounds is a major passion for me and I am very lucky to have my fantastic support network both personally and professionally in helping to drive on with this agenda. Browne Jacobson continue to lead the way in supporting and striving towards making the legal sector a more level playing field.”

Senior partner, Caroline Green who also co-leads the firm’s D&I Committee added:

“We are incredibly proud of Lynette and all that she has achieved. She is a fantastic role model and an advocate for positive change both within the firm and within the profession.

We continue to learn a lot from her and we hope her story continues to inspire and empower more aspiring legal professionals, from all diverse backgrounds to enter the profession and gives them the confidence that it is a sector they can thrive and succeed in as Lynette has proven.” 

Partner Rebecca Fitzpatrick who heads up Browne Jacobson’s Health Advisory & Inquests team also commented:

“Lynette is a true trailblazer for the legal sector, a real inspiration to the neurodivergent community and has done so much to help shape the firm’s approach to D&I, so we are delighted she has won the community choice award.”

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