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From Cybersecurity to Climate Change: Why Risk Managers are Essential in Local Government

Browne Jacobson are delighted to be partnering with the LGiU and ALARM to commission research on the role of the Risk Manager at a time of significant economic, political and technological challenge.

Understanding, adapting to and mitigating risk is an essential component of good governance, particularly at a time where new risks are rapidly emerging.  Local authorities are subject to myriad risks in many areas from cybersecurity and threats to elected members and staff, to the effects of climate change and poor financial resilience.

This report would look closely at the rapidly evolving relationship to risk in local government. In straightened times how is local government’s attitude to and appetite for risk changing? What skills, policies and structures are needed?  

The main aim of the report will be to consider and review the importance of the role of Risk Managers asking what is the scope of the role, is it still considered to be a crucial component of good governance as local authorities look to navigate a complex and rapidly changing environment of new, acute and chronic risk factors. The report will also look to tease out solutions which support the recognition of the Risk Manager’s role in modern local government.

Please register your interest if you wish to be involved in the report: