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Image of Janet Arkwright

Janet Arkwright

Professional Development Lawyer


+44 (0)3300452627


Janet is a professional development lawyer supporting the financial and business risk team. Previously, as a client facing solicitor, she acted in the defence of claims against professionals for insurers and their insured. Since 2015, she has utilised her extensive experience in a supporting role for current awareness, training, and best practice purposes.

In her career her caseload has had a bias towards claims against solicitors but also involved claims against diverse professionals including barristers, brokers, surveyors, accountants, and translators. With a focus on the defendant insurance market, her experience includes policy coverage issues and disputes. Her work on solicitor claims has promoted a deep appreciation of the importance of risk management issues.

As a professional Development Lawyer, she provides current awareness material to the team both for their practice area and general dispute resolution developments, sharing know-how and promoting best practice. Externally, she supports the production of material and delivery of training together with contributing to various client facing projects. She is a member of the firm’s Knowledge Management team, supporting knowledge management and learning and development initiatives across the firm.