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HR and education policies for academy trusts

Developed by our national, award-winning education lawyers and HR experts, our ready-to-use terms and conditions, policies and procedures have been designed to provide you with a cost- and time-effective way to keep your trust’s documents up to date.

Supplied in individual, editable Microsoft Word documents, the education and HR templates reflect best practice and ensure that your trust is legally compliant. Drafted in line with national terms and conditions, the suite of documents can be applied across multiple geographical regions for larger trusts with academies located across different jurisdictions.

Each template can be adapted in accordance with your own existing policies or can be implemented immediately by each of your academies.

The comprehensive pack of 39 core education and HR policies can be purchased as a one-off package for £1,850 (plus VAT) and will be sent directly to your inbox within two working days. If you do not need the HR documents, you can purchase only the education policies for £1,475 (plus VAT).

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You can also subscribe to our annual subscription service for an additional £550 (education only policies) or £750 (all policies) per year. This means that at the start of the new academic year you’ll automatically receive a revised set of policies reflecting any changes in legislation and best practice developments. You are under no obligation to subscribe to this additional service, but if you don’t, it will then be your responsibility to ensure that your documents remain up to date and compliant with revised legislation as and when appropriate.

Documents included in the pack

HR Policies Education Policies
Anti-bullying and harassment Accessibility plan
Capability Admissions
Code of conduct Allegations against staff
Discipline Attendance
Equality and diversity Behaviour
Flexible working Charging and remissions
Grievance Child protection (safeguarding)
Leave of absence
Conflicts of interest
Maternity, paternity, adoption leave and special parental leave
Data Protection/GDPR (incl. biometrics)
Newly Qualified Teachers (Early Careers Teachers)
Declaration/registration of interests
Pay (all staff)
Performance appraisal
First aid
Recruitment and selection (incl. safer recruitment)
Freedom of Information
Health and safety
Sickness and absence management
SEN Information Report
Sex, relationships and health
Special category and criminal offence data reporting
Supporting pupils with medical conditions
Trustee/Governor allowances

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Frequently asked questions

If significant changes occur throughout the year’s subscription we will update the template policies accordingly and provide advice on the reasons for the change and the implications on your practice. For example, if Keeping Children Safe in Education is updated before September 2021, we will update our policy templates to reflect those changes in guidance. As a subscriber to the policy updates we will send you our amended document so that you can reflect the changes in your own policies.
More minor changes will be reflected in our annual review. It is important that a sensible balance is struck between keeping policies up to date and making so many changes that you are constantly implementing new drafts and training staff upon them. Too many changes cause confusion and undermine the core purpose of a policy – best practice.

Our aim is to send you the new policies in August of each year. These will factor in any new or revised statutory legislation applicable to the forthcoming academic year. Where appropriate we will also include changes that result from developments in best practice.

In 2021, the education policies will be issued in August and the HR policies will follow shortly after, in September.

The service gives you access to template documents and our updates to those documents only. It does not include any advice from our HR consultants or education lawyers regarding the areas covered by the policies, personalisation or implementation. We can of course support you with these elements, just let us know what you need and we can agree a plan with you.