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Executive coaching by Browne Jacobson

We believe our role as lawyers is much more than simply to provide you with the right legal advice. We want to work alongside you to horizon scan, to support you as you take decisions about the organisation you want to be and to be a key part of your team as you ride the highs and lows of the life-cycle all organisations go through.

Part of the support we offer is Executive Coaching led by our former Managing Partner, Iain Blatherwick.

Our approach

Coaching is a powerful method of ensuring that people achieve to their full potential, but is all too often only proposed when there is a specific issue to be addressed and an individual wants (or has been advised to get) support - but coaching can be so much more than this.

Whilst we can help you come up with solutions to issues, our main focus will be on working with you to help you find that time and space away from your desk, to step back and work out whether you’re focussing on the right things and delivering to the best of your ability. This can focus on work or it could also be about the balance you are seeking to achieve in and out of work.


Successful coaching relies on a strong relationship of trust between you and your coach.

We would arrange an initial free of charge chemistry session to see that both you and your coach, and if an organisation is involved the sponsor too, are confident that the relationship will work. In this session we will agree an approach and any parameters for future sessions.

Following the chemistry session, a course of six 90 minute sessions would be arranged, with each session usually 3 to 4 weeks apart. A review will be scheduled half-way through the coaching period, to check that you’re happy that the sessions are achieving their objectives.

Each 90 minute session would involve at least 80 minutes of core coaching, allowing an amount of time at the start and end of each session to catch up and to agree the actions to be taken between sessions.

Iain’s story

Iain recently stepped down after 11 years as Managing Partner at Browne Jacobson, a period which saw unprecedented growth and expansion for the business. He wanted to make use of the skills, insights and experience – of both highs and lows - he gained as a leader and believed that this would be valuable to clients. Iain completed the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC) Practitioner Diploma course and is now a qualified coach accredited by AOEC and at Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Iain knows what the responsibility, the pressure, the occasional loneliness of being a leader is like. Reflecting on when he most needed support as a leader, it often wasn’t that there was a particular problem that needed to be talked through, but sometimes he just needed a safe and creative space, away from the pressure and hustle of work, away from politics and from judgement - to think, to have ideas, to aspire - and to work out what really was important and where his attention should be directed.

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Next steps

If you would like to find out more, please contact Iain Blatherwick or you can download the executive coaching guides below.

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What our clients say....

I was really pleased to have the opportunity to work with Iain, who is well respected in the market for his experience as a successful business leader. The sessions were a real eye opener and gave me valuable food for thought.

Graham Feek, Deputy Chief Executive, Greenwood Academy Trust