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Meet our Vacation Scheme student Lavania

Our 2021 virtual Vacation Scheme is fully underway. Here, our first student Lavania Xavier Rajan gives her impressions of working at Browne Jacobson.

14 July 2021
Trainee talk lockdown activities

Our 2021 virtual Vacation Scheme is fully underway. Here, our first student Lavania Xavier Rajan gives her impressions of working at Browne Jacobson. Lavania gives us an insight into the work she’s been completing so far and describes what motivates her to pursue a career in law.

Inclusivity and a friendly culture are the equivalent of blood that runs through Browne Jacobson’s Superior vena cava – their main vein. My application to the firm is based on those two main reasons. Having done several internships in multi-jurisdictions, it was clear that Browne Jacobson’s inclusive and friendly culture stood out. Aspiring solicitors require a safe zone to be nurtured, and that is exactly why I applied to Browne Jacobson. Since starting at the firm on the 5th of July, it has only confirmed the information available online. Additionally, my first impression of the firm since, has only changed slightly regarding the collaborative nature of the firm. It has been incredibly insightful and eye-opening to feel as an integral part of team, albeit having joined the firm temporary. Between real tasks given for us to be involved in in day one, as well as the firm asking for our opinions about improvement that will be considered and be enforced, speaks for itself in terms of inclusion and ambition.

My motivation to pursue a career in law is based on the multi-faceted role that lawyer’s play. During my first internship in Malaysia at one of the top firms in Kuala Lumpur, I shadowed my supervisor who played multiple roles of being a business advisor, a solicitor, an advocate and even a therapist at times. I was and am still drawn to the challenging work that solicitors must constantly play in an ever-changing legal market. Furthermore, having a career where lateral thinking is more of a pro and less of a con truly attracted me, as personally, I have always found it enjoyable and exciting and law offers that challenge and that opportunity. Thus why, it was clear that a career in law truly suited me.

If I could give advice to my younger self, it would be to be braver. Having done a law degree and multiple law firm applications, one thing I wish I did before was to have reached out to more people and be unafraid of rejection. People are generally happy to help, and where if they say no, it is not a strike at you, its just a ‘no’. Since speaking more to people, I have come to learn more about the legal profession which has allowed me to even have this vacation scheme opportunity. If it wasn’t for people such as Gavin Lock or Connor Griffiths, I would not have even applied and I would not have found such an inclusive firm. So that one piece of advice I would give to my younger self would definitely be, ‘be braver, everyone started from zero, even the founding fathers’.

Daily life of a Vacation Schemer:

Let’s do this right – the first thought that comes into your head, Day 1 of your vacation scheme. You start the day with coffee because, lets be honest, you haven’t woken up early in a while. You liaise with you supervisor where you will be given real work, e.g. I have reviewed a couple leases while being in the Real Estate department. You then will liaise with your group members because every Vacation scheme gives you a group project. Why? Simply because, it’s a multi-tasking test. Can you handle the pressure and still give results? Along those lines. Next, its about making time to speak to people, try to learn about the various departments and speak to people and understand their experience. Enjoy a brilliant evening where graduate recruitment for Browne Jacobson does an amazing job to improve camaraderie – e.g. Virtual Escape Room. After one-to-two meetings, ask for work if you have capacity and try to complete it, by then, it would have been the end of the day. It goes relatively fast. But most importantly, I try to have loads of fun and enjoy learning more about the firm where I can and understand their market position.



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