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Product recall: a new central register and a call for a change in the law

12 February 2016

The Retail Ombudsman has today announced the launch of a new ‘central register’, due to go live next week, designed to hold contact details for consumers in order to facilitate automatic updates in the event of a product recall. 

This announcement follows recent press coverage of a house fire caused by a tumble dryer. The product had been recalled in November 2015 but as of February 2016 only 125,000 out of a potential 5 million faulty dryers had been inspected.

The Ombudsman is urging all retailers to engage with this scheme – the idea being to collect consumer details at the point of sale and update the register accordingly.

The Ombudsman also calls for a change in the law to tighten this consumer safety aspect and to set a timetable within which all consumers at risk must be reached – something that the current legislation doesn’t require.

Any changes to better enable retailers in contacting customers to ensure an effective recall of an unsafe product must be welcomed.

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