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When brands go bad

1 October 2015

Car manufacturers tend to understand that with car brands perception is everything, people will pay wildly different sums of money for a vehicle that gets them from a) to b) in an identical amount of time and comfort, simply because of the car’s marque. As a result, manufacturers spend inordinate amounts of money on their advertising and marketing campaigns ensuring that their vehicles appear as honest, efficient and reliable as possible.

That is why the reports that VW has allegedly cheated on its fuel emissions tests are so damaging - the allegations go to the very essence of the sorts of traits that VW has sought to be associated with for decades.

Whilst VW may not be any more damaging to the environment than the next marque - it will now have to spend many millions more in order to try to shed the perception, created by this scandal, that company is potentially dishonest, inefficient and unreliable.

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