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Government issues guidance on Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

10 October 2014

The Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure has issued guidance to businesses considering adopting a BYOD approach and describes the key security aspects to minimise risks whilst maximising the business benefits. The guidance follows on from a report by the ICO in March.

One message is that a balance must be struck between allowing BYOD users freedom in terms of systems access to effectively use their devices whilst ensuring security measures prevent unauthorised access to business sensitive and personal information. Whilst users may own the device, the business, as data controller, must remain in control of the personal data and will be liable for breaches.

Businesses must consider a range of issues: access to information the users have clearance for; restrictions from use of software on personal devices; data sharing; and minimising the amount of data stored on devices to keep information under the business’ control.

Clearly, BYOD is increasingly attractive in the workplace but data protection implications cannot be ignored.

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