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Motorola pushes Apple to suspend notification services

28 February 2012

On Saturday Apple suspended “push” notifications for its iCloud and MobileMe services in Germany. These allow consumers to receive updates from sources they subscribe to, often through downloading apps. The suspension follows a court ruling that Apple’s push technology infringes a Motorola patent originally used in pagers.

This is the latest skirmish in the ongoing patent litigation battle between a number of the biggest names in communications technology. Last week a Munich Court ordered Motorola to cease using the “slide to unlock” feature on all its future phones, after Apple successfully claimed a patent infringement by Motorola.

Phone companies place huge emphasis on ‘usability’, so court orders that prevent access to certain functions will be unsettling. Customers are unlikely to miss push notices much and will no doubt cope with whatever replaces “slide to unlock”. However, the patent disputes are likely to rumble on and customers will start to take notice if new phones miss functions they believe should come as standard.


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