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Collaboration key to cyber crook crackdown campaign

28 November 2011

Francis Maude has launched the UK Government’s Cybersecurity Policy – £650 Million to be spent over four years for a National Cybersecurity Programme (NCSP), the establishment of a Cyber Crime Unit (crime) and a Joint Cyber Unit (military defence).

So what will these new cyber-men and cyber-women be doing?

Looking at risks in cyberspace for one thing – from terrorists, hackers, spies and criminals making the 20,000 malicious emails a month sent to government networks, as well as sharing information on and combating those risks – but also developing common standards for cybersecurity and a voluntary code of practice.

For IT security professionals it would be worth noting the potential opportunity to build a wider acceptance of their technology and to legitimately work with competitors. For the rest of us the rewards lie in the result – better protection online. Let’s hope for a successful collaboration.

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