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The story of a startup - hear from Trustedoctor about their journey

23 February 2017
HealthTech startup Trustedoctor talk about their proof of concept journey and how their Grow adviser, Joel Nixon, helps their business.


Speaker key

GJ Grzegorz Jarzabek – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
LR Lukasz Rzeczkowski – Founder & Chief Development Officer
JN Joel Nixon – Trustedoctor’s Legal Adviser

GJ I’m here because of my mother that died of pancreatic cancer 6 years ago. Just imagine if you or one of your loved ones was diagnosed or suffering from a life threatening disease. You are overwhelmed with information but one thing at the back of your mind and what you really want to do is to do the best for this person you care for.

LR I had some personal health experience in my family where I always felt a little bit lost where to go and I found the same pain point with my co-founder. We share the passion and we wanted to do something for the patients you know, to make them feel like they are finally in control.

JN It was a very personal mission for Greg and Lucas, both guys not from the health sector at all, but both guys had an idea of how care can be provided in a much more efficient way.

LR The vision was to empower patients to choose, so their online consultations are very valuable, but the point is that you have to have the right person on the other end. Making sure the right patient reaches the right doctor.

GJ You could name it as a second opinion service but we are not just a second opinion service. We want to be beyond that. We are community. We are the patient’s voice, the doctor’s voice and patient’s organisation voice. We have all those stakeholders being part of our network.

LR So we are linking patients who are already diagnosed and looking for just a validation of their diagnosis with very specialised doctors.

JN They are so passionate about what they have in mind, what they want me personally to deliver for them, where they’re going and exactly what they want to be in the market, how they want to be seen and perceived.

GJ We didn’t choose a local firm because we knew that we were going global, the knowledge is not just local, the knowledge is global.

LR Joel is a great person. Straight away we felt we had a connection.

GJ You can have a person who always tells you the right thing or you can have people that are telling you “I don’t think it is the right way”. Joel is the second type of person. It makes us pivot the right way and that’s where you find that it’s trustworthy advice.

LR We wanted someone who is ready to be accommodating. We get the cost right but also the quality right. We would not compromise on quality.

JN They really do have people at the heart of their business.

LR I believe if you take the right decisions and take the right people then you can do everything.

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