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Our experienced and award winning brands team helps to protect, enforce and commercialise some of the world’s leading brands. Our clients include owners of extensive worldwide portfolios in the U.K., Europe and other jurisdictions as well as smaller businesses whose reputation depends on a single brand.

The modern consumer's first impression as to the value of a product or of services is by reference to its brand. A strong brand allows consumers to shortcut their decision-making process and allows businesses to increase their prices to take account of the reputation they have earnt. It follows that building and protecting a brand is a primary goal of many businesses. 

Whatever your brand means to your business, we can help.

Brand identity, brand confusion and brand dilution are ever present challenges faced by every business, large or small. Your market may be regional, national or international.

We have the experience and know-how to meet the needs of your business. We listen. We provide highly commercial, cost effective legal advice and solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and brand. 

what we do...

Portfolio management

It is important to manage brands in a structured, co-ordinated way.

This means much more than end to end management of a trade mark application. If a trade mark portfolio is not carefully developed and managed, brands can proliferate and lead to a loss of identity and marketing focus. Over extended portfolios can also lead to an enhanced risk of infringement claims or revocation and invalidity actions, tying up valuable resources in avoidable disputes. Licensing deals and revenues can also be badly hit.

We give expert, commercial advice, working with you to identify the most cost effective way of managing your portfolio without loss of coverage or effectiveness. This includes comprehensive trade mark audits.

We provide a unique portfolio management service through our ‘More Together’ offering. This enables us to administer huge global portfolios, such as Mace Group’s, which spans over 40 territories.  We manage all third party oppositions, infringement advice and trade mark enforcement work, and provide similar offerings to the likes of Marston’s and Chester Barrie.

Parallel imports can also be a major headache for big brands and we have significant experience in this area, acting for major players such as Parfums Christian Dior and Goodyear Dunlop.

Enforcement and litigation

We have been instructed to handle a number of the UK’s leading cases and have helped shape trade mark law in the UK and Europe. We are used to working on high-stakes disputes, and we have an excellent track record. That can mean taking cases to trial or settling them on favourable terms.

We understand trade marks and the importance of protecting them. Brand and reputation are critical to the success of a business. But the speed of change in this area of law out paces almost any other. It is not enough to know the current legal position, you need us to  provide commercial advice that is directly relevant to your business. We are one of the few trade mark specialists in recent years to have been instructed on Appeals to the Supreme Court.

We understand litigation risk. We know how to manage costs, while fighting your corner.


Our team has immense experience of working with businesses to grow and build their brand. We do this with our clients by a variety of means including license agreements, distribution agreements and franchising - across all sectors, from the world’s largest and most prestigious luxury fashion houses to cutting edge technology-focused companies. 

IP Strategy

Our team regularly advises on IP strategy and the global expansion and monetisation of brands. Understanding your IP and having a well-thought-out IP strategy is fundamental to any business, both in protecting the brand, but also to best exploit it or to prepare for investment or a sale. We understand how to map your IP quickly and effectively, including patents, brands, licensing, contracts, policies and strategy as well as infringement risks and potential competitor risk.


One of the key methods of promoting on business brand is by strategic sponsorship deals. Whether one-off events, venue, people or kit deals, our team has experience advising businesses on the nuances of sponsorship agreements.


The world of advertising and marketing is changing, and changing fast. Exclusively ATL-focused campaigns have given way to digital media, social media, and more experiential advertising and marketing. Brand ambassadors and social media influencers now hold sway over the advertising world in a way we have never seen before. Promotions are able to drive real engagement with brands through the use of social media in a way that has previously not been possible. These are all areas of advertising expertise that we have always focused on and specialised in, and so this brave new world is one we feel comfortable within and indeed within which we are leaders.

As an extremely well-regarded IP practice, we are able to use our knowledge of the regulatory side of the world of advertising to augment claims that we make in respect of our clients intellectual property. This is in addition to using our knowledge of IP to bring claims of IP infringement against advertising by brands that infringe the copyright of our clients. We have also used well-pitched ASA complaints against competitors of our clients in order to prevent them making claims that put our client at a commercial disadvantage. 

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Declan Cushley

Declan Cushley

Partner and Head of IP and Commercial Group

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