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customers cash payments help retailers save

20 June 2012

British Retail Consortium Cost of Collections Survey 2011 has found that paying with cash is more common than it was a year ago. Cash was used in 5.7 per cent more transactions in 2011.

Why is this significant for retailers? Cash payments are on average 24 times cheaper for retailers than credit card payments.

The average cost to a retailer of having a credit or a charge card payment processed was 36.2 pence and 9.6 pence for a debit card. In stark contrast, the cost of having cash transported and banked was just 1.5 pence.

As technology advances surely the costs for processing card payments should be going down and not up?

This survey further reaffirms that the fees on domestic card transactions are unjustifiably high. It also reiterates the urgent need for The Office of Fair Trade to follow last month’s European Court ruling against MasterCard.

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