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Property tracker

Managing your property assets effectively

Effective management of your property assets is an important part of running your business. Immediate and secure access to key information about your property interests is therefore essential. Property tracker, the online property management system, is designed to put you in control of your property assets and is simple
to use.

Property tracker issues automatic reminders of important deadlines, such as break or rent review dates for leasehold properties so these do not get missed, and can reduce potential disputes about competing property interests through the timely retrieval of relevant information.

You may work in the private sector and be involved in maximising revenue generated by your organisation’s property interests. You may be in the public sector and have additional responsibility for promoting accountability, transparency of your portfolio or for administering a full asset register. Either way, tracker will provide you with the tools you need to undertake your various tasks with ease.

Key features and benefits

  • accessibility – key information about your portfolio and access to documents available online from one source 24/7
  • accuracy – all information extracted from your property deeds is verified by our team of experienced property lawyers
  • security – secure internet access that can be restricted as you wish; read/write or read only permissions
  • reminders – automatic email prompts for your key property dates, including lease renewals, break rights and rent reviews
  • simplicity – information retrievable via a web browser with no additional software required; intuitive system that requires no training to use; advanced search facility
  • comprehensive – property tracker enables you to store your own property specific management information and documents, catering for freehold properties and licenses as well as leasehold properties

Our clients

Property tracker is available to organisations in all sectors and a wide range of our clients have shown interest. Several clients including Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and Ciber UK Limited are currently taking advantage of the product and finding real benefit in managing their property assets.

Our approach

We have developed property tracker to provide you with the information you need to manage your property assets efficiently; crucial in today’s more challenging marketplace.

With no annual maintenance charge, just a one off set up fee depending on the size of your portfolio, the positive impact of property tracker can be felt in the long term as well as the short term. Managing your property effectively will protect your assets by ensuring that unexpected costs are kept to a minimum and opportunities for revenue are maximised.

Our team

To compile your property tracker database, relevant information will be extracted from your deeds by our team of highly experienced property lawyers. Experts in our field, our detailed knowledge of the legal framework underpinning property interests enables us to pinpoint which information is key and therefore ensures the database you are provided with produces real and tangible efficiencies. Equally, our focus on attention to detail guarantees the accuracy of the information you retrieve when using the system.

If you would like to receive free, no obligation, access to a demonstration video of the property tracker tool please submit your details using the form on this page.