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Immigration due diligence

If you haven't already been audited by the UKVI, you might reasonably be expecting an audit at some point during the life of your four year licence to sponsor. Your HR systems therefore need to be up to scratch. If the UKVI are not satisfied that you've complied with your obligations to them, your licence could be suspended or revoked, which could threaten your ability to recruit migrants indefinitely. In addition, heavy fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker and/or criminal sanctions of up to five years' imprisonment may be imposed.

With the ever changing immigration rules and regulations; fluctuations in those staff who are managing your systems; and changing business needs, it can be difficult to maintain this. Are you confident that your systems and processes would withstand a UKVI audit?

How we can help...

To support you with this, we offer a low cost audit of your HR immigration systems where we can:

  • assess your understanding and compliance of the points-based system
  • review a sample of existing migrant files to assess whether they would meet UKVI requirements
  • make recommendations for improvements/ changes
  • provide you with a comprehensive written report summarising the above to support you with your UKVI audit.

Why do you need an HR immigration audit?

  • to ensure you can recruit the best staff to meet the needs of your organisation
  • to provide comfort that you would be able to establish a statutory excuse against criminal and/or civil penalties including imprisonment and fines of up to £20,000 per illegal migrant
  • to assist you in successfully obtaining and maintaining an A-rated licence to sponsor
  • to assist in ensuring that your organisation remains an attractive proposition in the event of a sale of your business
  • to prepare you for a UKVI audit
  • to avoid negative press and employment tribunal proceedings.

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