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The advisory role of a broker

Following the Insurance Act 2015 and the Enterprise Act 2016 coming into force, together with increasingly robust regulation, there has never been more focus on the advisory role of a broker. Whether you are growing, re-financing or selling your business, you need to ensure you protect your commercial interests, whilst navigating through the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

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Brokers - what should you be talking to policyholders about in relation to the Insurance Act 2015?

This 15-minute piece of training has been designed for you to share with your clients. Hear from Tim Johnson, insurance lawyer, who takes a closer look at the reforms brought about by the Insurance Act 2015 and how they impact on a policyholder’s disclosure obligations and policy terms.

Your quick broker risk assessment

Ensure you have the foundations in place to manage your risk and protect your commercial interests – download your quick broker risk assessment today. At a glance, if you have any boxes unticked then you need to take action.


Enterprise Act 2016

Did you know from May 2017, insurers may be liable for damages if they fail to pay claims within a reasonable period of time? All brokers should be familiar with this new legislation to continue providing sound advice to clients and to protect their interests.

    The checklist

  • Hear how the market is responding - read our latest report here
  • Update your standard advice
  • Train your people on the new provisions of the Act.


Insurance Act 2015

We are now in a new regime which brings many positive changes. The Act requires policyholders to consider and present their risk in a different way, – this is known as ‘fair presentation’. Have you trained your staff and reviewed and amended your standard documentation to reflect the provisions of the Act?

The checklist

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will introduce increased controls on your use of client data. Are you clear on what is defined as ‘data’ within your business and how it must be dealt with? Are your policies robust and up to date? Breaches will be dealt with by the ICO and in some cases, the FCA, potentially resulting in regulatory sanctions.

The checklist

  • Bring together a project team, including a Data Protection Officer
  • Undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Document security policy with ‘appropriate safeguards’
  • Build a workforce who understand their privacy duties
  • Hear how the GDPR will affect the insurance sector - download our quick guide.

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