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From 1998, it has been possible for self- insured and insurers’ recovery work to be done on a no win / no fee basis, since then we have dealt with many such claims in commercial, property and motor fields.

We believe that working in partnership with the insureds, insurers and the various interested bodies can help contain the spend on claims disputes and debts thereby helping our clients achieve their stated aim of reducing claims spend by minimising leakage and maximising recoveries. We recognise the benefits of ADR and in many cases and our lawyers are trained to consider this at all stages, weighing the costs and benefits based on our client’s priorities, such as a prompt payment to allow them to continue their business. Our teams also include seasoned litigators whose tactical knowledge (including in relation to the Jackson reforms) allows them to push litigated claims to early, successful outcomes.

Our experience relates mainly to commercial and industrial property, household and commercial or risk policies. We pursue a wide range of recovery claims in tort and contract based on construction contracts, professional negligence, subsidence, transit and cargo contracts.

We can handle bulk recovery claims or claims on an ad hoc basis. When we are successful we can charge full Court rates from the third party. This enables us to finance the investigation and pursuit of potential recovery claims where, on a conventional basis of financing the work you would normally be at risk of investing money in the investigation that may not prove to be worthwhile.

What we do...

  • Over 20 years experience – market leading recovery rates from dedicated specialists across our five office network.
  • Sector experts - we established one of the first dedicated subrogated recovery teams in the country and we have also pioneered the concept of the desktop triage appraisal scheme and innovative fee solutions for recovery work.
  • Product liability services - we act on behalf of product liability insurers in relation to claims regarding defect design and manufactured products that have led to property damage.
  • Our clients – major UK insurers and underwriters, local authority and private sector organisations.
  • Specialist recovery services - commercial and residential property, motor, fire and flood, explosions, subsistence agricultural and livestock, toxic and substance escape, credit hire, housing and heritage recoveries.
  • Focussed and effective key performance indicators (KPIs) service - providing accurate, reliable management information (MI) for our clients.

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