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The path to Net Zero - what the future holds for local authorities

10 July 2024
Browne Jacobson, Nottingham

The UK needs to get to Net Zero by 2050. How this is to be achieved is not clear, especially considering the recently successful Friends of the Earth action which highlighted that the Government’s proposals were not sufficient.

There are a range of ways we can reach Net Zero, each with positives and negatives. Different solutions each have their own supporters. 

For meaningful action to be taken, that action needs to be given legitimacy. It also benefits from being co-ordinated. A key way of achieving this is engagement in democratic processes, in particular local democratic processes for those initiatives which are primarily local issues (such as clean air zones and EV charging locations). This creates a unique, but difficult role for local authorities. On the one hand taking action can be difficult, as there are a number of competing views and significant financial pressure. On the other hand, once a decision is made, the role of local authorities can help drive important green initiatives.

Join us for this session where we consider:

  • Forthcoming legislative policy changes which will impact on the delivery of net zero by local authorities 
  • Legal obstacles and solutions for delivery of EV charging points 
  • The opportunities and issues surrounding solar and the role of local authorities

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