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Elderly care

If the Beatles were working today, they’d have to write about “When I’m 84”, with the population over 80 set to double by 2030. We know that this is already having profound implications across the health and social care sector and we are famous for our expertise in this distinctive area.

We have established an annual conference focused on the legal issues and liabilities in an ageing population, and have been proud to deliver the update on legal issues at the national annual conference for the British Geriatric Society.

What we do...

  • Dealing with increasing claims cost-effectively -  as the value in damages for an elderly claimant is often far outweighed by the potential legal costs.

  • Capacity and decision-making – with two thirds of hospital inpatients aged over 65, and one third with dementia, getting the Mental capacity Act right, and understanding deprivation of liberty, becomes ever more important, under the increased scrutiny of a “post Francis” world, and with new criminal offences and sanctions under the Fundamental Standards.

  • Medical treatment decisions - around end of life and withdrawal of care.

  • New organisational and funding structures - including integrated care and increasing use of direct payments / personal budgets, governance and liabilities.

  • Supporting clients with coroners holding inquests - more often, and in more detail than before, in cases which might previously have simply been attributed to “old age”.

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