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Parental complaints: how to handle them in schools and trusts

 2.00pm - 2.45pm

Sometimes no matter how experienced you are in your role, school leaders and their representatives may receive a parental complaint. This could be anything from an informal verbal comment to a formal written complaint.

We understand that by their very nature complaints can make you feel frustrated, concerned and at times overwhelmed. Complaints can take up an inordinate amount of time and money if they become protracted. That’s why we’re running this short webinar to help you to take control of the complaints process and to demonstrate how to manage them as effectively as possible.

We’ll help you understand how to handle complaint cases sensitively and honestly. As well as addressing the difference between concerns and complaints, our Partner, Julia Green will talk through the importance of having a solid and good policy in place and making sure your colleagues adhere to it. Julia will look at the investigation process, identifying who should do it and what it should include as well as looking at the make-up of the hearing panel and what their role is.

You’ll learn the importance of adhering to processes, in accordance with government guidelines. You’ll understand the importance of finding out what the complainant wants to achieve and what the outcome letters should include. We will also look at vexatious cases and other serial complainants before discussing how to best handle them.

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Our speakers

Julia Green

Julia Green


Julia specialises in education law advice to schools, academies and colleges including statutory conversions of all types and property issues ranging from easements to development agreements.

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