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FAQs - HR Services

18 January 2013

HR Services from Browne Jacobson is specifically designed for schools and academies and delivered by professionals with extensive schools experience.

1.   How does HR Services work?

Well the price is based on staff numbers and the annual cost is the lesser of £3,000 plus £30 per employee, or £75 per employee. We also offer discounts to groups of schools. The service itself is very comprehensive. You will have unlimited telephone and email access to a dedicated education HR Consultant and an employment solicitor who specialises in education. Our package also includes some in-school support which you can use in any way that suits you.

To make sure we understand your needs we come to visit you to discuss your particular requirements. During this first familiarisation visit we get to know you and how you want to work with us, as well as finding out about any HR issues or cases you have in school at the moment. Having done that, we are then able to provide you with quality advice and support tailored specifically to your needs, when you need it and in a straightforward way that works for you.

2.    Who do we call?

You will have unlimited telephone and email access to a dedicated education HR Consultant and education employment solicitor. We will provide you with direct line and mobile phone numbers together with email addressed for these key contacts. You will also benefit from our wide team of specialist education HR Consultants and employment solicitors who will be able to assist you with absolutely any HR query you may have.

3.    How quickly do we get our answer?

Most phone and email enquiries are answered very quickly and certainly within a couple of hours. Where we need a little time to look into a case or seek input from our legal team, we will always let you know how long we expect this to take. The vast majority of queries are dealt with the same day.

4.   What sort of questions can we ask?

Absolutely anything in relation to your staff. This could include questions around your policies, staff recruitment, sickness, capability, performance management, union relations or any other issue that impacts on how you manage your staff. We are able to call on specialist safeguarding experts and therefore, concerns your may have about managing allegations against staff or discharging your duty to refer conduct issues can be easily and immediately answered.

5.   Is there a limit to how many times I can contact you?

No you can contact us as often as you like, we really do mean unlimited telephone and email support.

6.   What if I need more than telephone and email support?

Our core HR Service includes four hours on site support for a primary school and eight hours for a secondary school per academic year. The reason we have designed the service in this way is so that those schools who don’t need lots of on site support are not paying for it. If you find that you need additional support, you can arrange it with your HR Consultant. We will only charge you £300 for each four hour block of time and we guarantee not to charge you for any hidden extras like travel time or mileage.

7.   Can you support us with hearings and appeals?

Of course we can. If you have a hearing that may result in dismissal, or an appeal relating to the decision to dismiss we will attend and advise the panel. There is no additional charge for this support as it is included as part of our comprehensive service.

8.    What can I use my in-school support for?

Our on site support can be used to support you with a range of issues, including: 

  • Investigations

  • Hearings  (other than those that may lead to dismissal described above)

  • Union negotiations

  • Restructures - planning and implementation

  • Staff and governor training - designed and delivered specifically for you

  • TUPE and contracting in or out services

9.   What else is included in the service?

Our HR service also includes regular email bulletins called HR Essentials. We send out these mailings at least monthly and they include changes in law or guidance, best practice and relevant case law. We summarise the changes and tell you what action you need to take or what policies will need reviewing. You can also access exclusive rates with our partners who provide quality services in relation to payroll, occupational health, disclosure checks and staff absence insurance.

10.    So, what are the benefits to my school?

As well as excellent HR and legal advice from a leading education law firm, you will benefit from the consistent, responsive and pragmatic advice we give. We focus on what you want to achieve and provide you with options and associated risks, so that you can make informed decisions.

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