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A guide to freedom of information

1 January 2012
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. This guide provides further details. This guide has been produced by the ICO and covers:
  • what is the Freedom of Information Act?
  • what information do we need to publish?
  • what should we do when we receive a request?
  • when can we refuse a request?
  • what happens when someone complains?
A guide to freedom of information

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Brendan Clarke Smith proposed that the right to be accompanied should be much wider than it is at present. Whilst the Bill itself was withdrawn, the idea lives on and is supported by the Education Secretary.


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Academy Intervention Powers

Part 1 of the Schools Bill introduces statutory rights designed to ensure that the Secretary of State has efficient oversight and is equipped to address “instances of failure” in academy trusts.


Legal updates

Academy Trust Standards

Part 1 of the Schools Bill 2022 proposes a new set of “Academy Trust Standards”, representing the introduction of a “common rule book” for academy trusts.



A Guide to the Schools Bill 2022

we have published a series of briefings which we hope will help you understand what the Bill will mean for your school or trust.