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Overseas boarders

3 October 2012

Government proposals to include overseas pupils in the definition of immigrants are likely to risk driving these students away, according to the Boarding Schools Association’s (BSA). The proposal follows agreed definitions.

The BSA has called for these so called ‘temporary migrants’ to be removed from the list to protect the economic and academic standing of UK educational institutions. These students bring millions of pounds each year to British boarding schools as well as providing a broader base of students and learning styles.

It’s an area which has attracted widespread attention following the legal challenge by London Metropolitan University regarding their revocation as a sponsor for visas for their overseas students.

When both the UK economy and its performance and reputation in global education league tables needs a boost we should not be pushing students away, but welcoming them to our institutions. While the government's focus on net migration issues is important it should not be seen as a barrier to overseas students furthering their education.

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