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GDPR toolkit for schools

Understanding GDPR for schools is made easy with the help of Browne Jacobson. Our team of highly trained lawyers has years of experience working in the education sector, and is on hand to help educators realise, learn and implement best practice GDPR compliance for schools.

To meet the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines, which came into force in May 2018, it’s vital for schools to have the right measures in place. Our GDPR toolkit ensures that every box is ticked, giving you confidence with the new laws and complete peace of mind when managing data. It is our aim to save you time while giving you better control over your data, helping you focus on what’s really important.

Our easy GDPR toolkit for schools

We have created the ultimate data protection toolkit for schools, designed to guide you through the correct steps for record-keeping and any personal or sensitive data-handling.

Drafted by legal experts who specialise in education law and GDPR in education, this interactive digital toolkit provides you with all the documentation you need to understand and implement GDPR in your school or academy.

Get the toolkit for £700 plus VAT

Your toolkit includes:

  • Template policy and privacy notes
  • Model consent forms
  • Model Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data protection officer (DPO) job description
  • Template letters
  • Guidance notes and FAQs
  • Regular updates and news on GDPR and schools

Ongoing help with GDPR in schools

Not only does our handy toolkit give you all the templates you need to establish good practices and simple self-monitoring, but our team is on hand to provide ongoing support. Helping you claw back precious time to focus on your curriculum and the needs of your students and staff.

Included in the fixed price of our service is the benefit of ongoing updates and real-time guidance. With hefty fines for any organisations found in breach of the rules, careful tracking is essential – and so is keeping up-to-date with the latest changes. If there are any updates to policy, we’ll make sure you know about it.

The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU law that came into force in May 2018. It requires all organisations handling personal data – including schools – to change the way they collect, store and share data. In order to comply with new laws, all schools and academies must ensure suitable governance of data handlers and appoint a data protection officer (DPO) to carry out large-scale monitoring and processing.

GDPR in schools is essential. By upholding best practice for data protection, you are giving students, parents and staff members the privacy and respect they deserve when it comes to their personal information. But as with any new regulations, we understand the confusion and uncertainty that can arise as a result.

Many head teachers are unsure of what their responsibilities are, what type of data is considered sensitive, and how data can be used without a breach of privacy. Whether your school is an academy, a maintained school or part of a multi-academy trust, GDPR applies to you and your employees. All members of the faculty are made accountable, and senior leaders hold the largest amount of responsibility. Any information on pupils (such as grades, medical information and images) will need to be protected, as well as data on staff, governors, volunteer workers and job applicants.

Additionally, schools also handle what is considered to be ‘special category data’ (such as biometric data or trade union membership), which is subject to even tighter controls. So GDPR in education is an extremely delicate area, which requires a high level of expertise. However, we understand that GDPR isn’t normal, day-to-day business for schools – so having easy-to-follow steps and ready-made templates is key if they don’t want to take time away from the classroom.

At Browne Jacobson, we aim to make understanding GDPR straightforward. Our GDPR toolkit for schools will help you and your employees develop policies and processes for data management, ensuring that all data is collected and handled in the right way. This is essential in protecting your school or academy from costly and damaging penalties.

Complete support for GDPR compliance in education

Managing GDPR compliance in your school or academy shouldn’t take time away from what’s really important. But in many schools across the country, a lack of understanding or training can be problematic. Some of the biggest challenges for schools include not having the right GDPR knowledge, issues with complex data management, and lacking transparency and trust.

GDPR regulations mean more accountability, tougher penalties and a greater need for evidence. With schools handling such a vast amount of personal information (including data that is often complex), having the right record-keeping methods is a must. Because of this, data management is now a very time-consuming process for teachers. We are here to provide complete support and guidance for all your compliance needs, helping to make the entire process faster and easier.

Our data protection toolkit for schools is designed to enable complete GDPR compliance in education. By providing you with ready-made documentation and templates, admin can be quick, simple and stress-free. On top of that, we also offer ongoing help, keeping you posted with any important news or updates with GDPR law. This means you can get back to the important day-to-day running of your school.

Why choose Browne Jacobson?

We are experts in education law, and can help you manage that vital relationship between GDPR and schools. We're helping more and more schools and academies ensure that they are working towards compliance, and we offer access to our services at fixed fees with no hidden charges.

Our client base includes organisations of every size, including independent, maintained schools and Catholic schools, boarding schools, academies and their sponsors, colleges, universities, local authorities, educational charities, and more.

Browne Jacobson covers the whole of the UK, helping schools nationwide with data laws. Whether you are an academy, maintained or a catholic school , make sure you are fully compliant today. Complete the form to enquire about our toolkit, and find out how we can help manage GDPR for schools in the most cost-effective, headache-free way.