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be prepared for the 2022-23 academic year ahead

Be prepared

The stream of new education policies and changes to legislation cast a long shadow, making September an increasingly daunting prospect for many schools and trusts.

That’s where we come in. We’ve developed a suite of support services to help you get ready for the new academic year.

Here's how we can help you be prepared...

be prepared... to keep children safe

The 2022 iteration of Keeping Children Safe in Education introduces some significant changes that impact on safeguarding in schools and trusts every day. We can help you manage safeguarding concerns, keep staff up to date and help ensure you meet inspection requirements.

High quality safeguarding training, tailored for:

  • Governors and trustees
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Accessible online compliance training for all school staff

Other support includes:

For all the training and support you need to mitigate risk and safeguard children, visit:


be prepared... to manage exclusions effectively

The DfE is releasing new guidance on exclusions and suspensions, making changes to the behaviour, suspension and exclusion framework and guidance which come into practice in September.

Available support includes:

For all the support you need to manage school exclusions visit:


be prepared... to handle admissions appeals

On 1 October 2022 The School Admissions Appeals Code 2022 comes into force, offering the option of virtual hearings as well as physical hearings to hear appeals. It is important that admission authorities understand these changes and adapt their operations accordingly.

We’re on hand to help prepare and support you with any appeals that come your way. In addition to advice on issues arising such as prejudice statements, parental complaints or investigations by the Local Government, Social Care Ombudsman or the ESFA, we also offer:

  • Training sessions for clerks and admissions officers
  • Clerking services, inc:
    • Preparing for appeal hearings
    • Clerking of hearings
    • Drafting and sending decision letters to appellants.

In keeping with the principles of the new Bill, these services are available in-person or virtually to fit your requirements.

For all the training and support you need to handle admissions appeals visit:

Be prepared... to handle personal data securely

Mismanaging personal data and being found in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can risk heavy fines, reputational issues and even criminal penalties, so it’s imperative you don’t get this wrong. Our expert data protection lawyers advise and assist schools on the approaches you should be taking to handling data. We advise on all areas of information law from the implications of data protection to the Freedom of Information Act.

Available support includes:

  • Continuous professional development for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) Available at foundation, intermediate, advanced and master class levels, these programmes provides school and trust DPOs with all they need to keep their knowledge up to date throughout the academic year.
  • DPO helpline – providing instant access all year round to our expert education data protection lawyers
  • Online GDPR training for all staff - our online platform, Educompli, makes data protection training accessible and engaging for staff while providing you with management tools to evaluate outcomes, identify and plug knowledge gaps.

For the support you need to safely manage data and mitigate risk, visit:


Be prepared... to get the best from your people

Your people are your most valuable asset and we know you’ll want them to hit the ground running come the start of term!

To ensure you have a motivated, effective workforce, it’s vital any HR issues are managed and dealt with quickly and efficiently. This requires expert knowledge and can be time-consuming, draining your time, energy and resources. That’s where we can help. Whatever your need or issue, our HR Services for schools and academies offer tailored solutions and high-quality advice to help you prepare for the new academic year.

Employment and HR Services:

  • HR Core – unlimited day-to-day HR support for a fixed, annual fee
  • HR Options - bespoke support, to meet your needs
  • HR Consultancy - A pay-as-you-go service for one-off projects or complex matters

Other support includes:

  • Education and HR Policies – high quality documents to help you be compliant and ensure consistency
  • Template support pack – hundreds of ready-to-use documents to support your processes and meet best practice
  • HR Pathways – continuous professional development for leaders of schools and trusts
  • Executive coaching for education – ideal for CEOs and trust leaders
  • Safer Recruitment training – brand new for ‘22 to help you meet the latest DfE guidance

For all the HR services and support you need, visit:


Be prepared... to join a multi academy trust

Since the DfE published the White Paper and Schools Bill, academisation is once again high on the agenda. We’ve prepared guidance to support senior leaders, trustees and governors of maintained schools and single academy trusts as they consider the future of their school in a system that looks likely to consist largely of academies in multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Available support includes:

We have a wealth of experience successfully handling academy and MAT conversions, so please speak to a member of our expert team of specialist education lawyers to discuss the best approach.

For more information or to speak to us about forming or joining a trust visit:

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