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Fit for purpose contracting. Getting it right, first time

Continuous Professional Development programme

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Discover how to procure contracts correctly and legally and achieve effective contract management with our fit for purpose contracting development programme.

The theme of the course is getting things right, first time. Our aim is to provide you with a learning programme that is relevant to the challenges you face today and helps you keep one eye on the future.

Along with building your confidence and ability in contracting, you will also take away best-practice advice and top tips. With six hours of contact time over three consecutive weeks, this bite-sized approach to learning is devised and led by our procurement and contracting experts - Anja Beriro, Alex Lucas, Amba Griffin-Booth and Mia Plume. 

Each two-hour practical session (where you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts with others) will be led by our legal experts in the field of procurement, commercial contract drafting and commercial dispute resolution.


Course agenda

This session will be based around a fictional case study. Each part will include a 15-minute break out session and feedback from all the groups.

Part 1 - Building strong foundations:

  • choosing the best tendering process for your needs
  • ensuring that your tender process includes good, fit for purpose contract documents
  • when and how to negotiate contract terms

Part 2 - Securing the roof:

  • entering into the final agreed contract based on what you need
  • top tips for setting up the contract to succeed

Keeping things maintained:

  • using the contract and performance management tools available to you in a positive and proactive way to ensure delivery
  • when contracts might need varied and what you can do

Following on with the same fictional case study, this session includes three 10-minute break out sessions where new information relating to the case study will be shared and discussed with delegates.

Part 1: Contract management

  • Understanding your contracts and each parties’ obligations 
  • Due diligence required
  • Key dates – contract duration/ automatic renewals
  • Performance issues
  • Key clauses to look out for including exclusion/limitation of liability

Part 2:

What could go wrong:

  • Common contract pitfalls
  • Breach of contract provisions
  • Material and repudiatory breach
  • Performance/delivery issues

Resolving issues:

  • Dispute resolution/complaints
  • Variation of terms
  • Importance of audit trails

Part 3: Termination and wrongful termination

  • Why terminate
  • Implications of termination
  • How to terminate
  • Notice of termination
  • Top tips

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Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for anyone who has authority to legally bind a school or academies into a commercial contract. For example, senior trust leaders, procurement and contract managers, head teachers, finance and school business managers.

Spaces are limited to approximately 24 delegates per cohort.


Each course costs £350 plus VAT per delegate.

For more information about the course please contact Amba Griffin-Booth.