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Talklaw - secondary

Providing pupils with an insight into the ‘world of work’ has never been more important in raising young people’s aspirations and bridging the gap between school and work. To this end, Browne Jacobson are delighted to offer its clients a range of pro-bono workshops in which we will work on core life-skills that students will need in the future, whether they choose a career in the legal professional or elsewhere.

Sessions are approximately two hours long, aimed at groups of 15-20 students are highly interactive and are tailored to GCSE and/or sixth form students. Below we set out a range of options for you to choose from. Simply let us know if you believe your students would benefit and we can arrange a time and date to run the workshop.

Please note that we are only able to offer a limited number of sessions for our clients each term so we will need to agree events well in advance and may need to operate a waiting list.

CV workshop and interviewing

How to make the best of your CV (20 mins)

Covering what makes a good CV with examples of both good and bad CV’s.

Interview skills (40 mins)

Including a role play to show students how to (and how not to!) answer difficult interview questions.

Practice Interview (50 mins)

Pupils will then be given the chance to get involved by thinking up some interview questions, interviewing their peers and getting feedback.

Introduction to a career in the law

Possible legal careers (1 hour)

Covering possible legal careers, areas of law and how to become a solicitor.

‘Introduction to life as a lawyer’ (20 mins)

Giving students an insight into what is means to work in the legal profession and an example of ‘day in the life’ of a junior solicitor.

Job application forms (30 mins)

Dos and don’ts for job application forms.

The art of persuasion

Skills needed for getting your voice heard (40 mins)

Arguably the most important life-skills, we will run through the importance and power of being a good communicator, how to improve these skills and some top tips.

Discussion in groups and preparation for debate

  • Students will be split into groups of four or five and will each be given a topic that they will work up into an argument for or against (20 mins).
  • We will then hold live Debates after which pupils can vote for or against the motion and feedback on pupils’ performance (60 mins).

We have structured our offering under a number of different headings but you are free to pick and choose sessions from the various headings. If you would prefer to focus on one area but not another or would like a longer session covering more than one topic, these options can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your pupils.

Please contact us if you would like to organise a session at your school