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No idea? No problem!

5 March 2015

Some of us may know what we want to do in life from an early age, and our academic choices leading up to university may well have been informed by our passion to secure a training contract and become a qualified solicitor. For a lot of us however, this isn’t the case. We go off to university simply on the basis that it is the next stepping stone, and a chance to experience ‘university life’. When I went to university, I didn’t know entirely what I wanted to do, but I thought I had a vague idea. As it turns out, becoming an architect wasn’t for me and so, after gaining some legal work experience, I made the decision to switch to law.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s a huge decision to make and a massive commitment, particularly financially, and you may be thinking it’s too late and a waste of your degree, but it has its rewards. Before you make the decision however, I would recommend trying to secure a job in the legal sector to get a feel for what it’s really like, and apply for work placement schemes where possible – the deadline for applying for our summer work placement is 17 March 2015, so there’s still time! At the very least, I would recommend you attend open days and law fairs, as they will give you the opportunity to speak to people from various firms and ask questions, and give you a feel for the type of firm you wish to apply to.


Doing a non-law undergraduate degree certainly did not hinder my chances of getting to where I am today. In fact, the transferable skills from my degree helped to strengthen my training contract application – and I would definitely recommend that you play to your strengths! Having said this, if you are a law graduate or are on the verge of becoming one, don’t let that put you off either – Browne Jacobson trainees are split approximately 44%/56% law/non-law, and it is people coming from these different backgrounds that make the firm very well-rounded and a great environment to work in.


If you have not done a law degree, you will be required to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and then the Legal Practice Course (LPC) before you can start your training contract. If you secure a training contract with Browne Jacobson prior to studying the GDL/LPC, the firm will pay the course fees and provide a maintenance grant of £5,000 (whether you are a law undergraduate or not), which is a huge help!


It can sometimes take people until a lot later in life to realise that they wish to pursue a career in law. As shown in our previous blog post, it’s never too late!