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Working in the government and infrastructure team

17 December 2014

I am now over halfway through my training contract and in the middle of my third seat in the Government and Infrastructure Team. It hasn’t been a seat which has come up regularly in the past, so when I was offered the opportunity to work in the team it seemed like a good chance to get some experience of public sector work, which is a key practice area for the firm.


The team has a broad remit, from public sector procurement work to setting up innovative corporate structures for local authorities. They also advise on large infrastructure and development projects, and issues relating to State Aid, which is an element of EU competition law that applies to local authorities. The work is entirely in the public sector; the team works for local and central government, as well as a number of other public bodies. The team themselves have a vast range of experience, and some people have worked in house in local authorities which means they are a great source of information if you need to get to grips with how public bodies work.


I have been doing a real variety of work, from drafting contracts for services to advising on procurement processes and preparing reports on innovative services delivery strategies for local authorities. The work can be very involved and requires you to really get to grips with some very complicated legislation, which is great if you enjoy research and more academic work. However, there are also a lot of opportunities in business development; I have been involved in drafting tenders and I also write a monthly article for our Public Sector Matters newsletter which is circulated to all of our public sector clients.


One of the things I have really enjoyed was presenting to clients at a seminar, which I had never done before but was a really great experience. You get real responsibility and the opportunity to take on complicated work, but the supervision is great and the team is lovely. For anyone wanting to experience working for public sector clients on sometimes extremely high value projects, a seat in this team is a great opportunity.