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Its the business - a seat in the banking team...

17 December 2014


I am about halfway through my first seat in banking, and time is flying by. I had been working as a legal assistant when I got my training contract offer and, as well as being excited, I was really impatient to start; two years seemed like a long time to wait! The time went really quickly though, and before I knew it I was due to start as a trainee. And that’s when I started to get nervous. What if it was too big a jump from being a legal assistant to being a trainee? It didn’t help that I didn’t know anything about being a banking lawyer before I started. I had not taken any banking or finance modules on the LPC so I had no idea what to expect. But that was a lesson as important as learning the chronology of a finance transaction or how to draft security documents: allowing yourself to be a beginner. The point of a training contract after all, is to learn, through doing, how to be a solicitor.


The first few weeks were a bit overwhelming as nearly all of the work was completely new to me, but the banking team is a really good place to be a beginner as everyone is happy to answer questions and discuss matters with you. Useful, considering I ask about a million questions a day! As part of the banking team, I have been involved in acting for borrowers and banks, assisting with the satisfaction of conditions precedent, drafting ancillary documents which are likely to be negotiated, and working on security registration forms. I have also been involved in the completion of a matter, which was a great experience.


The nature of the work means that you get to work with, and get to know, lawyers in other departments and offices within the firm. It also means that you can see how different parts of the firm work together on a transaction. I have previously predominantly worked in quite self-contained departments, so this experience has been really useful for me. The banking team has been very supportive, explaining transactions and concepts to me in detail whilst also allowing me to have a go at the work and to learn from practical experience.


I’m hoping the next three months are as good as the last three!