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A karaoke Christmas in Birmingham...posted on behalf of a trainee

3 February 2014

A fun feature of being a trainee at Browne Jacobson is having the opportunity to work in Birmingham and, in my case, Birmingham is a totally new place and an adventure. I had never even set foot in Birmingham before finding out my first seat was in Banking and Corporate here!

So I was surprised when asked to be a part of the planning committee for the Birmingham Business Services Christmas party. Clearly, I was not going to be drawing upon my knowledge of the Birmingham social scene to suggest venues. Nevertheless, I was game and I think it’s important to take opportunities when they come your way as a trainee.

Fortunately for me, not knowing where to start, there was already a strong consensus building in the office as to what kind of party was required. The people demanded karaoke – unaccountably. This turned out to be easy to accommodate as Birmingham has a surprisingly wide range of karaoke venues catering for corporate clients.

Working closely as a team, we narrowed down our options to just two restaurants and created an online vote for our colleagues to decide which one should win our custom. After carefully counting the votes, we decided to go with a cheaper third option and I reflected on how I had finally been involved in a hardnosed pragmatic business decision. The announcement of the venue did not appear to create a stir or at least did not generate any angry emails, so I have optimistically concluded the decision to be a massive success.

I am looking forward to going to my first ever karaoke party. People often talk about the importance “raising your profile around the firm” when you are a trainee and a karaoke party certainly presents an opportunity to emblazon yourself on the minds of your colleagues. I’m all for taking measured risks but I’m undecided if I will sing… I’ll decide on the night!