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Working across a department and summer as a trainee

2 July 2013

Having been in the Property department for just over 3 months now, I am currently working across two teams, assisting on both Health matters and Development matters. There are some real benefits to being the only Property trainee currently in the office, as I am being given an opportunity to experience two different teams with work that provides different challenges. In the Health team, I have the opportunity to work with a variety of public sector clients, mainly on leasehold work but with the occasional freehold sale. With Development, the focus is almost exclusively on freehold transactions with large private sector companies.

Both types of work require the basic skills of attention to detail, good client care skills, drafting, research and so on. However, the day to day issues that are dealt with vary greatly between the two teams. With Development often the work is focused on creating a piece of land which is appropriate for sale as a development site, a lot of time is often spent ensuring that the correct rights and reservations are in place, for example in relation to being able to access the services which will supply the site itself. Other types of work include drafting exclusivity agreements, dealing with options to lease sites for development and attending client meetings to discuss agreements for sale.

In the Health team, the leasehold transactions focus more around issues such as security of tenure, the ability to share occupation and sublet parts of sites, as well as dealing with development agreements for larger sites. There is the opportunity to work with a variety of health clients, each with their own specific requirements for leases. Following the NHS reorganisation there are fresh challenges and the team is working at the forefront of the health property sector. This mix of work means there is a large amount of day to day variety and plenty to keep you busy.

However, a trainee in the summer is not just expected to be working, other important obligations such as playing in the inter-department football tournament and playing cricket for the firm are also to be firmly booked into the calendar! Over the last 3 months I have had the opportunity to play football at both the City ground and the County ground in Nottingham, as well as completing a bike ride from London to Exeter for the firm charity Hayward House. Summer is a busy time but a very enjoyable one as a trainee, so we make the most of the weather while it is here!