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If trainees ran Browne Jacobson...

18 April 2013

During your first week of being a trainee at Browne Jacobson, when your mind is distracted with induction information and new faces, you are casually informed that in 6 months time you will be giving presentation to the equity partners on a key strategic issue facing the firm. Although the prospect of this on day two of your training contract is fairly daunting, it is a truly unique opportunity and valuable experience for any aspiring lawyer.

This year’s topic was how Browne Jacobson could continue to grow, in terms of profitability, but maintain its friendly and straight-forward culture, which is one of the key reasons prospective trainees choose the firm. The project enables you to get to grips with the firm’s business model, understand how it fits into the ever-evolving legal market, and share your views on how to take the business forward. It also reinforces the culture of the firm itself, where new ideas are welcomed from all employees, regardless of seniority.

In today’s legal world, solicitors are required to present to clients in a whole host of circumstances, so learning these skills at the outset is vital. We were given plenty of information to get us going and pointed in the direction of the key people in finance and business development who could assist us. Before the big day we also attended an excellent presentation skills course, which taught us the various ways in which to deliver an engaging speech.

The presentation itself was over before we knew it, but the experience taught us all some lasting lessons that will undoubtedly help us in our future legal careers.