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It's nearly Christmas time!

18 December 2012

Being a trainee at Christmas time has its perks, there are numerous Christmas parties to attend and copious amounts of free alcohol on offer. However, as you would expect, with the good comes the bad (or in our case one of the busiest periods of the year).

The run up to Christmas is hectic, with lots of clients wanting to see their matters completed before the end of the year. During the last two days alone I have had three urgent requests for reports on title and lease summaries to be prepared by lunchtime the next day. On one occasion this meant turning up late to a Christmas lunch and working for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. I personally thrive under a bit of pressure and love tasks which put you to the test, but for those that don’t I thought I’d give you a few of my best tips (whether you chose to use them is up to you):

1) Show initiative and pre-plan for matters in progress a couple of weeks beforehand
2) Create ‘to do’ lists daily, prioritise and set reminders in your calendar
3) Work has to come before the parties, but you can usually do both with a bit of time planning
4) If you know you’ve got lots to do the next day, don’t drink the bar dry (you can have fun without taking it to extremes)
5) Don’t do your Christmas shopping in your lunch break – your family won’t appreciate it
Despite being busy the office is generally a fun place to be during the festive season: Christmas music is playing in the canteen, the tacky Christmas decorations are up, everyone is in the Christmas spirit (well nearly), there are plenty of mince pies and chocolates to gorge on, and we’re even holding a Christmas carol concert.

As the song goes, “Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday”.

Merry Christmas one and all.