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Guide to law fairs - 5 useful tips

16 November 2012

It is law fair season again- the time when law firms, barristers’ chambers and other potential legal graduate employers go on a tour of universities to meet students. To some students, stepping into a big hall full of lawyers can be daunting: do I talk to them? What do I say? Can I not just take the free gift and leave? But, honestly, we are nice people and genuinely want to meet you!Here are a few tips which you may find useful:


  1. Introduce yourself- sometimes we will spot someone at a law fair who we think has the potential to thrive at the firm, so it is helpful to know their name to spot on application forms! It is also the easiest way for you to start a conversation.


  1. Ask a sensible question-what is a law firm?” is not a sensible question and will create a bad impression. A good starting point is what you genuinely want to know, so “tell me a bit more about working as a trainee for Browne Jacobson” or “do you get much choice with your seats?” are far more sensible and will be questions to which you want to know the answer.


  1. Research the firms first- before you even set foot in the hall, look at the list of exhibitors and think with which firms you wish to speak. Then do a bit of research on those firms to enable you to avoid asking irrelevant questions. For instance, do not ask Browne Jacobson about our international offices: if you have done your homework you will know that we have a strong national presence and all our offices are in theUK.


  1. Dress appropriately- try and look smart as it will create the right impression. Don’t go as far as wearing a suit, but smart trousers/dress and clean shoes/boots will help project you as a serious candidate and will make you feel more professional too.


  1. Be yourself- don’t show off about an obscure article you read in the FT or try and make silly jokes- just, relax, be yourself and aim to engage in a sensible conversation with us. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips on what to include in your application or to make notes during the conversation!


Good luck and see you there!