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Seat moves - a survival guide

24 September 2012

All of the trainees moved seats last week and it feels very much like autumn is on its way. This was actually the first time I had moved seats and I have compiled a survival guide to help future trainees when their move comes around:

  • Writing a good handover note is really important. This enables the new trainee (or NQ) to take over from you seamlessly, and means they will not have to bother their supervisor asking questions about the files. It also enables you to have a fresh start in your new department without carrying work over.

  • Try to tidy your desk in stages in the run-up to the move: it’s no fun filing 6 months’ worth of trainee diary records and miscellaneous to do lists on the last Friday afternoon of your seat!

  • Email your new supervisor the week before you are due to move and try to find out where you are sitting so it will be less daunting when you actually move. It’s also handy if you can find out where the new stationery cupboard is and of course the nearest kitchen!

  • I found it helpful to put all of the significant pieces of drafting I did in my first seat into a folder together with precedents relevant to that seat. I plan to do this for all four departments so that I have something to refer to if I come to do the same task again.

  • Don’t panic when you realise that you have to start from scratch again in your new seat! Everybody feels the same but you quickly become accustomed to a new department.

I hope these tips help any new trainees when settling into their first seats or when they come to move in March!