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Training and trainee development at the firm

22 May 2012

During a training contract with Browne Jacobson trainees undertake a series of modules or courses known as trainee development. These modules are designed to give us the skills required in professional practice but also the softer skills we need for our own personal development. These are courses outside of the required Professional Skills Course, which covers core topics such as finance, business, advocacy and conduct.

The courses are taught internally or externally by professional training companies. The modules range from interviewing, writing with clarity to ‘working the room’. They are all very different and help build your skill set ready for your future career.

For example, early on in our training contract we spent a day being recorded whilst giving a presentation. We could choose our own topics and they ranged from ‘How to Survive a Chick Flick’ to ‘Legal Myths and Anomalies’. It was a very useful day, proving interesting to see the different presentation styles amongst our group and pick up some hints and tips.

One of the highlights for many trainees is the ‘Myers Briggs’ test, where trainees answer a series of psychometric questions before the session and then discuss and carryout more testing in the session. The day is designed to measure our psychological preferences in how we make decisions and perceive the world at large. It was interesting to see whether our ‘Best Fit’ matched up to what ‘Type’ we maybe thought we would be!

The trainee development program is an important part of our training contract and is always a good opportunity to catch up with fellow trainees!