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Trainee blog: moving Seats

23 April 2012

The time has come around again to move seats and for those of us that are doing it for the first time the experience of moving from our comfortable and well-stocked desks into the world of the unknown is a daunting one.

I have put together a few handy tips to bear in mind to smooth the process of moving to a new department.

1. Make sure you are up to date with all work and ready to move on your last day. It’s always best to throw yourself into a new department without having to worry about work from your last seat which might still be outstanding.
2. Discuss with your supervisor any matters and work that is ongoing and who this will be handed over to, particularly if a new trainee will not be coming into your seat.
3. If there is a new trainee moving into your seat, it’s a good idea to give detailed handover notes explaining a bit about the department and any outstanding work that they may be asked to pick up… and hopefully you will receive the same in your new department!
4. Pack up your desk on time! You will be provided with a handy box and facilities will do all the hard work to transfer your personal belongings from one desk to another (and don’t forget your mug!)
5. Make sure you know where you’re going! It’s a good idea to have a catch up with your new supervisor or to go and meet your new team before moving day. It will make the transition a bit easier and prevent it feeling a little bit like your first day all over again, and finally…
6. Get your appraisal form completed and signed off- there would be nothing worse than when it comes to qualification discovering that your 1st seat supervisor never completed the form (and has now left the firm!)

Although it may seem a taunting process, everyone is very friendly and no doubt it won’t take you long to feel welcomed into a new team (and worried about the next one!)