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Dragons' den

12 April 2012

As part of our Professional Skills Course we did an external presentation skills workshop where, much to my mortification, I was filmed doing a presentation and forced to watch it back! After some useful tips and a tasty lunch we felt armed with the right skills to give a great presentation, but knew that we would not need to actually use these skills for ages.

Or so we thought…

Every year the first year trainees at Browne Jacobson do a short presentation to the equity partners of the firm during their meeting. This year’s topic was quite inventive: we had to imagine that it was 2022 and speak to our trainees about what changes there have been in the last 10 years. All of us found this to be a really interesting topic, particularly with the Legal Services Act finally becoming law and provoking hundreds of applications from firms hoping to be an ABS.

After hours of research and discussion, as well as decorating a poly board to accompany the presentation, we were ready and entered the den (otherwise known as the seminar room). Our dragons were a lot pleasanter than on the TV and really listened to what we had to say, asked plenty of questions and even laughed at our jokes. As it had gone well, we felt we fully deserved to enjoy a jug of Pimms in the sunshine. So we did.