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Mentoring at the firm

30 March 2012

Mentoring is a very valuable task that both trainees and qualified solicitors can carry out here at Browne Jacobson. It’s fantastic way of getting involved with law and non-law students of all ages and I personally mentor on a range of schemes with both pupils from A-levels right up to those studying on business degrees and the GDL (graduate diploma in law).

I take a lot from the schemes, which we run through schools and universities, and really enjoy sharing some “pearls of wisdom” and top tips with these people who are in some cases on the very same path I followed myself.

We get involved with our mentees by offering advice and guidance in relation to careers, academic guidance and on general development. Becoming a solicitor is a relatively long process from the formal education stage to qualification. By having someone to talk to who has been there (we hope) will help students answer some of their queries or concerns. As well as mentoring those considering a career in the law or related fields we also help out with business and innovation skills which we put our technical knowledge forward to help those looking to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Not only is this a valuable way helping out those who are looking to follow a career in law, but also a chance to meet people from different academic study areas, ages and background and give assistance in something that we all know only too well is a tricky area.

You also get to know the students you mentor and you never know who may be your colleagues in a few years time…