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Flying solo at court

30 March 2012

Flying solo at your first court hearing is always going to be nerve racking, but especially when you are told by your supervisor “you can’t lose”!

Two months into my first seat in the Construction and Property Risk department, I was asked to attend a court hearing on my own. The purpose of the hearing was to request the grant of the order for possession. This would allow our client to instruct a bailiff to remove trespassers from the client’s land.

I had been involved right from receiving initial instructions from the client and had prepared the documents for the supervising solicitor to send to the client and the court, so I had a good understanding of the details of the matter.

The hearing was in the judges chambers and the trespassers failed to appear. I took the judge through my well practised speech to summarise the background to the matter and was asked to provide copies of key documents. The judge then noted the time and granted my order as requested. I remained cool on the outside but was jumping for joy (and possibly relief!) that I had got the order for our client.

Browne Jacobson has high expectations of its trainees and, so long as you work hard, prove your capabilities and seek out opportunities to take on more work, you will be rewarded with a fantastic trainee experience.