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What are the hours really like?

13 February 2012

When I tell people I am training at a large law firm with mainly commercial and insurance clients, I am often asked about the hours I work. I think this is something prospective trainees are concerned about generally, especially as they often have to make decisions on which training contract offer to accept without having actually worked at any of the firms!

I’m in my first seat (professional indemnity) in the Birmingham office. The hours in a litigation seat are likely to be more unpredictable because you are often up against deadlines which are beyond your control. And naturally, the hours vary between seats and between busy and non-busy periods.

Disclaimers aside, I usually get into the office at quarter to nine and I usually leave by half past six to seven. I’ve only had a handful of later nights – one of which was spent preparing bundles and one at a mediation which went on quite late in Manchester.

The main point to grasp, though, is that at Browne Jacobson you’re not expected to stay late for staying late’s sake: if there’s no urgent work to do everybody leaves at a decent time. And so this makes it easier to stay later once in a while.  And it is so rewarding doing a job that is your career; that is varied, interesting and challenging, that the time flies by.