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Trainee induction programme away day by the canal

27 October 2011

Bright and early on a Friday morning after a quick bacon sandwich and coffee in No44 the second year trainees rounded up the eager new first years and handed them a rather jaunty Browne Jacobson t-shirt. They’d been told the day before to wear study footwear, old clothes and prepare to get dirty… to say they looked a little concerned was an understatement.

The day was part of the trainee induction programme, but other than to further team bonding it was also part of our Community Action Committee’s programme of projects that we carry out in conjunction with the local council.

So at 9am sharp a mini bus pulled up and we loaded up and headed to Martins Pond, a local nature reserve. When we pulled up we were met by two friendly (and unbelievably patient) Nottingham Council workers who were our task masters for the day.

We started with a health and safety briefing, which was more than a little serious and meant that everyone soon realised this wasn’t going to be a cushty day out of the office in the sun! We then unloaded the van with all sorts of tools-spades, machetes, slashers, saws, drills etc. We split into two teams; one team had the challenging task of building a bench whilst the other team dug out some rather muddy channels to allow water to drain away! I’ll let you work out which was the most popular task…

The bench building, unsurprisingly, became a bit of a competition between two teams digging holes and building legs. It turns out that lawyers attention to detail really helps in creating and the best and most level bench that Mark from the council had ever seen!

Both teams really dug in (excuse the pun) throughout the morning and made a real difference to the areas being worked on. We then all downed tools at 1pm for a well deserved lunch break in a local pub to replenish our energy. The afternoon then passed in a flourish of sawing, digging, concrete mixing and banter. Another bench was built and more channels cleared, all in all a job very well done.

At about 4pm we packed up our tools, brushed off some dirt, clambered aboard the mini-bus and headed out for some well earned food and drinks!